Kim Jong Un

Many years ago Rudyard Kipling wrote a story about a boy named Kim, who wandered the vast and lovely land of India, observing, through Kipling’s eyes, the wonders of the country. The Kims of North Korea bear no resemblance to the boy of Kipling’s story. The North Korean Kims are a monstrous family, running the country as their private satrapy, enriching themselves in money and power at the expense of their impoverished countrymen. And now the third member of the Kim family has taken over the country on the demise of his father, as his father had taken over on the demise of the founding father, Kim Il Sung.  Kim Jong Un has some rather large murderous shoes to fill, but he seems determined to fill them, though the North Korean military may have something to say about the accession of a soft young boy to the heady throne of a murderous dictatorship.



Compared to his grandfather

This new Kim is but a stripling

A pudgy, girlish, dovish boy

Who’d have appalled R. Kipling

Yet who’s to say he won’t survive

Committing crimes so graphic

That none will dare to call him swish

Nor dare to call him Sapphic


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