The Immigrant

Obama is determined to import 100,000 Muslim immigrants from Syria and the Middle East every year, despite the overwhelming anger of the American people at the very thought of doing such a dangerous thing. Yet Obama will do it, at least as long as he is president, because it fits his agenda for weakening and ultimately destroying the United States as desired by his Muslim Communist father and Communist mentors and handlers. We know for certain that when he was enrolled in school in Indonesia he was enrolled as a Muslim. He has not changed.

The young man moved along the moving tide
Of people fleeing war, a place to hide
To Greece and Turkey, and then on to France
In Brussels he was offered there the chance
To join the cell in place across the sea
And so to North America flew he
To open arms from Imams who, he learned
Were training cadres to see cities burned
He trained with AKs, gave his life to God
When orders came he gave a smile and nod
The restaurant was full of life and sound
He left the car and in a single bound
He burst inside and swept the tables clear
With AK bursts that silenced all the fear
That greeted him as he burst through the door
And then he paused and calmly waited for
Police to come and calmly blew  his vest
And finally the carnage came to rest
The White House flacks said that these said events
Were random acts of workplace violence
That we must not think Islam is at war
A lonely man, depressed and nothing more

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