The Drifting Sleep

The Left argues that to kill the Muslims who kill our children to terrorize us only makes us the same as them, and the moment we kill them, they win. This is absurd Leftist nonsense. The only way to defeat the murderous Muslim jihadists is to cleanse the world of their presence. The Left says they will never yield, so best to simply accept that some of us will be killed. But rational minds say they will yield when their faces are ground into the dirt and their women scream their inconsolable laments. The Left says if we exterminate them we will live in guilt forever, but there is no moral ambiguity here. Murderous Muslims like al Qaeda and their affiliates set about killing us while we sleep, but one day we shall awake and say enough, and when we wake murderous Islam will feel the wrath of the Western Way of War, which when aroused to fury is war to the death, war to total annihilation. And so it shall be, with no regrets, except possibly at CNN, where they are already castigating Israel for their supposedly, in their eyes, disproportionate response to the hundreds of Hamas rockets raining down on Israeli civilians. And when the West awakes and realizes the only way to stop the Islamic killers is to kill them, we will do a Curtis LeMay on them.

We slowly drift through troubled sleep
Surrounded by cold, misty shapes
That torment us as children weep
Who know in dreams no one escapes
The misty shapes kill as they grin
Expunging lightly breathing souls
Of those without the taint of sin
Believing killings nears their goals
Of domination of the will
Attaining thus the moral force
Permitting them the final kill
Of all who fear the stronger horse
The night of horror ends at last
The sleeper wakens grim of eye
He knows the dream was not the past
But future scenes of how he’ll die
And with him all that he holds dear
His family, children, that and more
And knows that Muslims must know fear
Must show them that the West at war
Will turn whole countries into stone
Kill everyone with cold intent
Let their survivors then atone
And for a thousand years lament

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