Let’s All Just Stop The Carping

President Obama’s approval numbers are dropping fast, and people are beginning to carp and grumble. Just because the man has only been in office less than a year and already our foreign policy is in shambles and domestically we’re in a very steep economic decline, with trillions spent with virtually nothing to show for it but staggering debt, and all his attention and effort is spent trying to destroy the best health care system world has ever seen doesn’t mean the man isn’t trying. He’s doing his best, his best is just not good enough. During the campaign Hillary Clinton insisted Barack Hussein Obama was unqualified to be president of the United States. She was right, and we all knew it at the time, but he’s here now, and I say we cut him some slack. It isn’t his fault he got elected.



I can’t stand this carping

Why are we still harping

On things that Obama can’t do

Like solve global warming

Prevent summer storming

Deliver a speech in Bantu

Let’s give the man credit

‘Twas wise man who said it

To suffer a fool is a crime

He thinks we’re all fools

For handing the tools

To a man such as he at this time

So cut him some slack

Let’s cover his back

The country’s in very best hands

Don’t mind that the past

Is catching up fast

With the hour glass running the sands



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