Nostradamus, Guest Blogger, Vol 4

Hi, Nostradamus here, with another set of delightfully accurate quatrains! It’s all truth, all the time, here at verse-afire. I see much confusion as people wonder who they can believe, climate scientists who cook the books or their own lying eyes. As for the Maya, well, their prediction for the end of time was made fifteen hundred years or so ago, safe enough, for they’d all be long dead. Obviously I am not dead, and stand by my vision of the future. And the future, as I see it, is very short term. Dang! The Maya were right. The market in green bananas is headed for the toilet. 



The Power sees if they could die

Embracing full the warming lie

Reducing populace to beggin’

At summitry in Copenhagen


Fierce run winds and snow and ice

In a geologic trice

For just eleven thousand years

Fomenting global cooling fears


The people write it down in stone

And keep it for themselves alone

They know men will no longer delve

For it will end in 2012



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