Snow Job

President Obama is off to Copenhagen to jump-start the flagging UN effort to destroy western civilization, a thing apparently dear to the president’s heart. The leaked emails and memos from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have shown the climate scientists hiding the data that contradicted their falsified alarms about global warming, preventing skeptics from publishing in journals and otherwise behaving like wise guys engaged in criminal activity. Which they were. The question is, was this a conspiracy or just mission bias, an innocent commonality of belief. I believe the question has been answered: conspiracy. A conspiracy by the radical environmental Left to return the western world to the 12th century, when the world, they believe, was a better place and the inhabitants thereof a nobler people. A conspiracy of dunces with PhDs. This whole Global Warming thing has been a snow job from the very first. Or as Al Gore was reportedly heard to exclaim, “Kyoto today, tomorrow die Welt!”



Snow when seen from inside home

Glistens white and lovely

Until you put on boots and cap

And then it becomes shovely

The AGW stuff’s like that

It looks good from a distance

But when you get up close to it

You sure do find resistance

To everything the science guys

Who really should know better

Are doing to their science just

To get that grant fund letter

Is there a big conspiracy

Or just a mission bias

Do they believe in what they say

Or are they just big liahs

Break down the word conspiracy

And feast your eyes upon

The last part that says piracy

The first part that says con



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