Low Information Voters

The election of 2012 is an indication of where the country is heading. Any rational observer would have said, and did say, that the failing economy, high unemployment, gas prices, inflation and foreign policy bungling doomed Obama to a crushing defeat. It didn’t happen, and the reason why it didn’t happen is simple – the country is now governed by low information voters, people who do not read, do not think, and whose world extends from their front door to the end of their driveway. These people and their equally low information children are the political future of the United States. What information they get comes from television anchors who recite the Democrat talking points and call it news.


So what happens when low information voters

Whose fecundity insures that they survive

Become the source of narrative decoders

And spread their words of wisdom nightly live

When everyone is then low information

Who do they look to for their point of view

‘Twould seem the age of total obfuscation

Will be upon us in a year or two