Man-made Birds

The Pakistani government has just poked a stick in President Obama’s eye. They have declared in contemptuous tones that they will not arrest, interrogate, interfere with, or disturb in any way the Afghan terrorist most wanted by the United States, one Jalaluddin Haqqani, head of the Haqqani Network. Haqqani has been responsible for the deaths of US soldiers, among many other terrorist acts. He walks around freely in Pakistan, where he is protected by the Pakistani government. At some point the United States may simply go into Pakistan and arrest or kill him, and if we do that it will initiate a crisis with the Pakistani government, who are not truly on our side. When, not if, Pakistan goes Taliban, there will be a crisis of epic proportions, joining the approaching crisis vis a vis Iran. Two crisis points – Iran and Pakistan, Pakistan now and Iran soon to be nuclear powers. How will these crises be resolved? In a few days there will be Christmas. Some two thousand years ago a light in the sky guided wise men from the East to a rude manger. One day wiser men than we may see another light in the sky, and perhaps they will follow it. But what will they find when they get there? A manger? Or a blackened cinder?



The Paki sky is dark with man-made birds

The night is deep the starlight weak and faint

The valley floors are hidden as the words

Of far off voices track the radar paint

At thirty thousand feet the UAV

Commanded from a half a world away

Banks slightly and as silent as the sea

Prepares to turn the night sky into day

Across the world at airdromes near the Med

Six pointed stars are reaching for the sky

In minutes now some millions will be dead

As Persian missiles hurl aloft to fly

The world has reached the point of no return

As hydrogen and science both combine

Producing star-like temperatures to burn

So bright that wiser men will see the sign

And follow that bright star to see a child

Once born and born again defying time

To save the worlds His creatures have defiled

And set for them His selfless paradigm

He knows some heed His words and some do not

He knows the joys and sorrows that will flow

As creatures He has made forget the plot

And think that they alone can run the show

And when they do the skies above grow dark

As man-made birds prowl everlasting night

Igniting fierce-flared fire from the spark

That one day shows some wiser men the light



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