Menendez Delenda Est

United States Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), has been indicted for corruption by the Justice Department, the allegations being that he used his office to the benefit of a friend and campaign contributor, something not unknown to every other Senator and Congressman who ever lived. A friend, now retired, was the bodyguard and muscleman for the head of the Philadelphia Teamsters Union. We walked together most afternoons for several miles, during which he told me Teamster Tales that I found quite believable. The Obama Justice Department reminds me of those conversations. Teamster members who seriously crossed the line often disappeared, along with their cars, into a convenient junk yard crusher, to be stacked up in a corner of the junk yard with other blocks of used metal. Senator Menendez seriously and inexcusably crossed the line by speaking out of turn. You do not disrespect the Godfather, and Obama felt seriously disrespected by having his policies criticized. And so, as a teaching moment, Menendez must be taught a lesson, for the benefit of other Democrats who might dare to think of country before Obama.

Of all such past Delendas
Carthago to Menendez
The stronger horse ripped out the other’s heart
Obama wins this tussle
He has that Teamster muscle
The weaker horse is doomed to pull the cart
Menendez must be shown to
Be like the man who’s known to
Shoot off his mouth but cower in disgrace
And kneeling, sobs and grovels
Like all those Kulak Pavels
Who cried when Stalin said you mind your place
And speaking of Joe Stalin
Obama is the dollin”
Of all the lefties yelling for the hide
Of Menendez the traitor
Of whom we’ll hear more later
But in this fight I’m on the traitor’s side

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