The Brilliance Of It All

The Yemeni army refused to fight the advancing Shi’ite rebels, and the Iraqi army refused to fight the advancing Sunni ISIS. Both sides are now armed with half a trillion dollars of US equipment, and are now engaged in all out religious civil war. I spoke to an Obama advisor and she almost fainted with delirious joy at the sheer brilliance of the Obama policy.

She said how brilliant is Barack’s
Maneuvers that attained
Our goals for Sunnis for attacks
On those whom we have trained
They do not fight, retreat instead
Equipment thrown away
She smiled and shook her pretty head
What else is there to say?
The Sunnis now have all the arms
They need to kill Shi’ite
Not least among the many charms
Is we don’t have to fight
And now when Shi’ites are destroyed
Our Sunni friends will soon
Surround Iran with all deployed
While Barack, our Haroun
Sees quietly the Iran threat
Dissolves beneath our gaze
The twelfth Imam is not here yet
And may not be for days
What happens though when Sunnis win
I said with a slight frown
And feel their muscle and begin
To take the US down?
But don’t you see, she clapped her hands
Barack has seen it all
It’s all according to his plans
Excuse me, I’ve a call
What’s that, they’ve joined together now
The twelfth Imam is here?
And Barack says that he will bow?
I see, she said, Oh Dear!

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