Racial Healing

A black woman went ballistic when a white teacher touched the hair of her young daughter who had asked the teacher to put the hair up under her headband. The mother screamed that no dirty, stinking, white racist cracker could touch her daughter’s sacred black hair. And the mother’s black rage escalated from there. Black Lives Matter urges blacks to murder white cops, and the eternal race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson continue to spew hatred toward all things white. To all who voted for Obama in the expectation of racial healing, the healing is about to erupt in violence unseen since the post-civil war South when the KKK night riders were burning black homes and farms.

The sky lit red with flames of hate
Black farms and homes went up in flames
But that was 1868
The hatred stayed, just changed the names
To Jackson, Sharpton, Revered Wright
And yes Barack who took up sides
When truth was black and lie was white
And nightly KKK still rides
Demand safe space, white racists out
No roommates white, this school is ours
Black Power! is the chanted shout
Beat down the white until he cowers
Burn Baby Burn! still fills the air
As neighborhoods burn to the ground
Don’t touch a little black girl’s hair
And death to every whitey found

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