Your Typical Omananoid

Obamacare appears to be in its Death Throes, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the Obamanoids. Obama says the law is what he says it is, no matter what the Constitution says, and has, time after time, extended or waived or brushed aside the written and passed by Congress and signed by the President law. None of this blatant disregard for the law is of the slightest concern for the Obamanoids. I spoke to one of them the other day, and this is what he said.

Come on now what’s the worry
We’re surely in no hurry
To say that our Obamacare has flaws
Why people are enrolling
And Nancy is extolling
The best healthcare on Earth to wild applause
There will be some upheavals
No biscuit’s free of weevils
But in the end we’ll all love Bamacare
We’ll live with the Death Panels
Trod bureaucratic channels
And laugh at you who think we’ve been unfair

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