The Sweet Used To Be

From the viewpoint of Islam, the Sweet Used To Be was the glorious days of the Caliphate, the bygone days of beautiful Andalus and the magnificent Alhambra, of the wonders of Baghdad on the Tigris and the tales of Ali Baba. And so it seems, to the thoughtful Muslim, that the days of the Sweet Used To Be are again upon them, revisited, and delivered by an all-powerful and all merciful Allah.

The distant day of golden sweetest dreams
Draws ever closer with each passing day
The West will hear the horrifying screams
Of children torn from mothers’ arms at play
The slaughter of the men is blest by god
The taking of the women blest by man
The ease with which we did it must seem odd
To those who do not see it is god’s plan
The crescent flag now flies from sea to sea
From Britain to the Indonesian shore
The sword of Islam has brought to the knee
The infidel who deigned to not make war
The day is soon upon us, my dear friends
When Islam bursts its shackles and is free
And uses all the means to gain her ends
And take us back to the sweet used to be

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