My Puppy Died

College snowflakes are so distraught at the election of Donald Trump that the schools are offering crying spaces and comfort dogs. I walked the neighborhood shortly after Trump was announced the next president of the United States, and encountered a young woman curled up on the curb, unmoving and sobbing quietly. In a tear-choked voice she spoke a single word. Why?

I said the blame is all on you
Your comfort dogs, professor’s hugs
Your crying rooms, safe spaces too
Your spastic tremored heart string tugs
You cannot face adversity
You win if you still finish last
Attend a university
Emerge know nothing of the past
Believe diversity is all
That matters in this mixed up world
And at the final judgement call
The firmament will be all girled
I asked if she was sad Hill lost
She said that Hillary was god
And now the country to its cost
Had given Donald Trump the nod
She dried her tears and sobbed, You’re right
But know my grief I cannot hide
I feel so bad, just like the night
That horrid night my puppy died

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