My Spittle In Your Face, M’Lord

The reason for Donald Trump’s victory is simple – the slovenly, lazy and stupid peasants of flyover country spat in the face of the media, the pundits and most of all we spit in the faces of the criminal Left who fancied themselves as elites, intellectually and morally superior to the great unwashed clinging to their guns and religion thirty-eight thousand feet beneath them. It’s jail time now, baby.

We simple folk know not what gives
Our simple minds are so like sieves
We do not process what we’re told
Too dumb to come in from the cold
We still believe in simple things
Like baby girls and wedding rings
We drive old beat up clunker cars
And spend our paychecks in the bars
We go to church and praise the Lord
And go through life both dumb and bored
But this election we betrayed
Our betters voting to degrade
The country with our stupid votes
For Trump and all that that denotes
But please don’t think our point of view
Means that we have stopped loving you
Our betters yes, in every way
We treasure everything you say
And we sure hope you’ll let this pass
And as you leave just kiss my ass

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