The solar system is periodically bombarded with asteroids and meteorites, denizens of the Oort Cloud, a region of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of icy planetoids almost a light year from the sun. The Oort Cloud is believed to be the home of all long period comets such as Halley’s Comet, but every once in a while something happens and hundreds or thousands of these planetoids are disturbed and leave the Oort Cloud and visit the inner planets, meaning us. Some scientists believe the disturbances are caused by a companion star to our sun, a star they call Nemesis, or Death Star.  One thing we know, large asteroid impacts have erased life on Earth several times in the past, and will do so again. Is Nemesis acting up again? Is the recent outbreak of near miss asteroids and meteorites the result of Nemesis nudging our rocky visitors into another orbit?


I looked around the premises

Could see no sign of Nemesis

The skies looked clear and all the stars were bright

But just inside the Oort Belt

A nudge was kind of sort felt

By something that had hung around all night

And like sails torn from their grommets

Many hundreds of huge comets

Left their icy friends and hurtled on their way

Many years they have been moving

And with telescopes improving

We shall see them now about just any day