No Strings

The United Nations is designated the cop on the beat, its job to see to it that Syria destroys all its chemical weapons by mid-2014. The UN, however, has no authorization to use force to compel Syria to comply. And even if the UN did have authorization to use force, would they or could they? Of course not and of course not. The agreement is a sham, a paper cover for Obama, who has, with malice aforethought, placed the foreign policy of the United States in the hands of the Russian puppeteer and the United Nations.

The UN is a mighty force
Whose every word is feared of course
One could not find a stronger horse
To place fate in its hands
Obama flits on angel wings
While Putin pulls the puppet strings
And smiles and plans of dire things
To show where Barry stands
Our Barry though proclaims that he
Has won a stunning victory
A shining light for all to see
And firm in his demands
Of course we know it’s all a fake
A look from Putin makes him quake
His policies are all opaque
And built on shifting sands


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