The Doggie In the Window

The disaster that is Obamacare moves relentlessly forward. The promises were never true, and those that were true were never meant to be kept. Obamacare was always just a step toward the ultimate goal of the government running every facet of our lives with a single payer system, ready as a replacement for Obamacare when it fails, as it was designed to do. Just ask Senator Harry Reid, who cheerfully admits the whole thing was a scam, a foot in the door. Certain portions of the American public looked in the pet store window and loved the adorable puppies, and they bought it, never asking how much was that doggie in the window. Some sixty or so years ago a singer named Patty Page sang it for us, How Much Is That Doggie In the Window. We are about to find out that it is a very expensive doggie indeed, not just in money but in lost liberty.

That singing rage
Miss Patty Page
Sang Doggie In The Window
Some sixty years
Of laughs and tears
Yes that’s how long it’s been though
That dog’s now old
In from the cold
Decrepit, slow and mangy
His bark is weak
Can hardly speak
Though full of hope and changey
The broken pane
Lets in the rain
The room is wet and musty
He cannot eat
Nor stand on feet
His dinner bowl is rusty
It isn’t fair
Is only for two leggers
But not to fuss
Soon all of us
Will be reduced to beggars
Yes we’ve been had
It makes me sad
To think that we elected
A mangy cur
And call him sir
No wonder I’m dejected
Obama stands
And wrings his hands
While looking out that window
The broken pane
Incessant rain
Dog knows when it is fin though

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