On the fifteenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, there will be those who claim the debt has been paid with the death by Navy Seal of Osama bin Laden. To those people, who desire above all else to avoid inconvenience, who desire above all else to be able to claim a purity and nobility above that of the people who are determined to kill us, I say the debt has not been paid, and will not be paid until the fourteen hundred years of Islamic terror and death meted out to the West by the adherents of the religion of peace is wiped clean by the massive shedding of Islamic blood and the destruction of Islam itself, and the slate returned to its accustomed place on the wall. It will happen, though the when is to be determined. But it will come, for Islam will not cease its attacks on us, and in the end extermination, despite the unwillingness of a civilized West to eradicate an entire people, will be seen to be the only resort. It will come, this eradication of the verminous religion, and only then will the deaths and enslavements and tortures of millions of Christians over the past fourteen hundred years be revenged.

Revenge is sweet, or so they say
And so there comes on one fine day
The sword of vengeance put in play
To see the deed is done
Tomorrow or perhaps the next
The bloody finger writes the text
Revenge for those so sorely vexed
And then the deed is done
The killers set the tinder spark
As death and blood define the mark
A flash of light and all is dark
And thus the deed is done

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