Day One

The Left has already launched their inevitable vicious attacks on the Trump victory and presidency even before he takes the oath of office. The Democrats hope to delegitimize the president, but President Trump will very quickly complete the destruction of the current version of the Democratic Party, beginning on Day One.

Yes they thought that they would trifle
With the man and quickly stifle
All defenses and see prisoners in chains
But they quickly were defeated
When our President Trump tweeted
That their little minds he very much disdains
And he laughed and cut the budget
Said no longer would we fudge it
With fake economic numbers looking good
Then he cut the corporate taxes
And to soaring tenor saxes
Double parked the car and looked under the hood
Got all cylinders in motion
And the tide roared like the ocean
As the jobs came back and new jobs filled the screen
As he slashed the regulations
To the joys and fierce elations
Of the workers who saw paychecks rarely seen
What was once a landscape tragic
Filled with jobs as if by magic
Sending miners and the frackers back to work
And the dollar, by such action
Gained in value with the traction
That enriched us all from CEO to clerk
Oh you never saw such wonder
As he tore the sty asunder
Yes the transformation showed us truly blest
His first day in office finished
Energy quite undiminished
AsDay Two began, with eight years till he’d rest

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