The Hive

If the hive is the cult, whether of personality or idea, the hive will always be with us, for it is the nature of man to dominate his fellow man, to make him conform to the wishes of the dominator. And when threatened, the hive will defend itself with unbounded fury. We see this in the ferocious attack by the Democrat hive on the legitimacy of the Trump election, calling for spurious recounts and blaming their defeat on the evil machinations of the Russians, all in the attempt to damage the incoming president and make it impossible for him to govern. Such is the nature of the Left, and such is the nature of the Leftist hive that believes they and only they have the right to rule. The Democrat hive is going crazy, the first sign of collapse. Radical Leftist Progressivism is dead, and along with it the cult of feminism and political correctness. How long before the collapse is final we do not know, but it cannot be long in coming.

The hive lies hidden, guarded by the servants of the poor
Who dress in lucent garb of glowing light
Defining definitions of the meaning of the store
Of knowledge they’ve acquired overnight
The hive contains all wisdom that the universe has set
In motion to perplex the simple mind
And issues memoranda stating what we must forget
And what we are to seek and what to find
The swarm emerges at a signal from the golden throne
Attacking enemies with savage lust
Not knowing that the Queen is but an ugly, shriveled crone
And soon the hive collapses into dust
And yet another hive arises just beyond the hill
Unhidden and unbidden yet it stands
The hive is always with us, always was and always will
And eager to enwrap us in iron bands

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