Palin’ By Comparison

Have you wondered why the liberals, led by the mainstream media, have savaged Sarah Palin? Have you wondered why mummified teenagers like Maureen Dowd in the NY Times are relentlessly snarky, sneering at Sarah’s family, clothing, lack of an Ivy League degree and place of residence? Have you wondered why the Dems lose no opportunity to dismiss her as a lightweight, a stupid, ignorant yahoo? If you have, wonder no more. The answer is, she scares them. Scares the bejesus out of them. They know there is one candidate who can unite the fractured Republican party, energize the base and entrance the independents looking for real change, real governance, someone with smarts and energy and the good looks we seem to feel is necessary to win the presidency. They know and fear our very own Margaret Thatcher. And well they should. 



Our standard bearah

The gorgeous Sarah

Has energized the gentry

And all us proles

Who share her goals

With just a Facebook entry

With revolutions

And solutions

Labeled now by color

We think the One

Is one and done

He’s fading into duller

Tones that show

That he will go

As soon as Sarah’s ready

In 2010

Obama’s men

Will step off of a jetty

Election night

Will not be tight

A landslide for the ages

And we’ll regain

The fruited plain

And burn O’s darkened pages