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Behold A Pale Horse

The four horsemen are riding in this country, but they are not named War, Famine Pestilence and Death. No, not those guys. The horsemen this time call themselves the Tea Party, and they are riding a political tsunami that intends to cast out the old power hungry political bulls and change the politics of this country for the next couple of generations. And they are led by a lady on a pale horse.



Behold the four horsemen

Note well the steed pale

To Irish the Norsemen

Debarked in Kinsale

To others the four

Are the riders of death

Who slay by the score

With the stench of their breath

But now there’s a new

Set of riders astride

Steeds of quite different hue

And they ride them with pride

And their names are not Famine

And Sickness and War

The first one a gamin

Named Beck and there’s more

There’s Angle and Haley

And Jindal of course

And Sarah quite gaily

On the lead Palin horse



Palin’ By Comparison

Have you wondered why the liberals, led by the mainstream media, have savaged Sarah Palin? Have you wondered why mummified teenagers like Maureen Dowd in the NY Times are relentlessly snarky, sneering at Sarah’s family, clothing, lack of an Ivy League degree and place of residence? Have you wondered why the Dems lose no opportunity to dismiss her as a lightweight, a stupid, ignorant yahoo? If you have, wonder no more. The answer is, she scares them. Scares the bejesus out of them. They know there is one candidate who can unite the fractured Republican party, energize the base and entrance the independents looking for real change, real governance, someone with smarts and energy and the good looks we seem to feel is necessary to win the presidency. They know and fear our very own Margaret Thatcher. And well they should. 



Our standard bearah

The gorgeous Sarah

Has energized the gentry

And all us proles

Who share her goals

With just a Facebook entry

With revolutions

And solutions

Labeled now by color

We think the One

Is one and done

He’s fading into duller

Tones that show

That he will go

As soon as Sarah’s ready

In 2010

Obama’s men

Will step off of a jetty

Election night

Will not be tight

A landslide for the ages

And we’ll regain

The fruited plain

And burn O’s darkened pages



Tea Party

The Daily Mail Online reports 2 million people marched on Washington DC on Saturday, September 12th, to protest President Obama’s radical left wing health care plan, and even if the number were only half that it would still be the largest tea party ever assembled. Tea Parties are an honest expression of the feelings of real people, working people, people with families who have seen the cynical way in which the Political Class disdains everything they stand for, how the Political Class thinks paying taxes are for the little people. The Tea Party people see trillions and trillions in debt stretching far into the future, they see a President who surrounds himself with haters like Bill Ayers, Van Jones and The Reverend Wright, a president who seems intent on turning the country into a socialist paradise that no one voted for, a government of radical left wing czars led by a radical left wing President. The question is, how long before the Tea Parties turn into a legitimate tax revolt? How long before the Tea Parties turn into a legitimate third political party? We already have the name: the Tea Party. And if a viable third party emerges, who will control it? “A Tea Party!” Alice cried.  “How lovely!” We know who the mad haters are, but who’s the mad hatter?



A trillion here, a trillion there

A lot, but then who’s counting

But there are those of us who care

With indignation mounting

A Tea Party is what we need

To show the folks in power

That trillions aren’t chicken feed

And we aint gonna cower

In face of rampant spending debt

With next to come inflation

You run the place and that we get

But you are not the nation

We’re sick of all the phony guys

Who smile and steal our money

Who lie and cheat with quel surprise

Wet lips just dripping honey

The Treasury Sec he pays no tax

But gets confirmed no problem

He says the IRS is lax

But he’ll fix what is hobblin’ ‘em

Committee Chair who writes the rules

A man named Charley Rangle

Says rules are just for silly fools

Ya gotta have an angle

It’s getting so a man who pays

His tax on time while smiling

Must look askance at one who says

It’s not for me, this filing

You take our dough and give it to

Your friends and your supporters

To union guys and not a few

Of bankers and reporters

You plan to break us, but of course,

By turning all to debtors

And then you’ll ride in on your horse

Accompanied by our betters

While you, our president for life

Then paint the White House duller

Because el presidente’s wife

Just doesn’t like the color

Let’s organize, take our land back

The scum there need a jailin’

And vote out every left wing hack

And vote in Sarah Palin



I Hear The Train A’comin’

Rahm Emmanuel has famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” a philosophy that led to trillion dollar stimulus packages and the government takeover of the banking and automobile industries. Now both Emmanuel and President Obama are scurrying around for another crisis they can use, knowing they need a crisis to revive the now dead socialist health reform package Obama is trying to sell to a country increasingly in opposition to his radical left wing moves. Emmanuel and Obama are fully aware that a for now mostly quiet Tea Party revolution among the middle class is brewing, principally over Obama’s proposed healthcare plans, and if left unchecked could result in a larger revolt against taxes and against the Democratic party itself. They are correct. Sarah Palin has energized the middle class, and a quiet revolution is slowly grinding down the Obama plan to turn the United States into a socialist paradise. Johnny Cash heard the train a-comin’, and so do Rahm and Barack. 



I hear the train a-comin’

She’s rumblin’ down the track

I hear the rails a-hummin’

Rahm, the crowd’s on the attack

We need a crisis sure enough

We need one right away

They say that when the going’s tough

Well, you know what they say

I have a plan, your majesty

Mr. President I mean

To squelch Tea Party travesty

And drive them from the scene

We organize a corps of yoots

Young people don’t you know

The kind of guys don’t give two hoots

So long’s you show the dough

We set upon them with our fists

And axe handles as well

We know their names, we have our lists

We give them merry hell

The crisis then becomes at once

A crisis we can cure

We’ll have our dog and one that hunts

We’re back on top for sure

There is one thing, el president

That stops us from clear sailin’

It’s that Alaska resident

That goddamned Sarah Palin

She’s got the folks all in a twist

They don’t like what we’re doing

I think they just like to resist

I think they just like booing

Ah no dear Rahm it’s more than that

I hear it in the distance

The train’s on time, in nothing flat

We’re out on the insistence

Of people who don’t know or care

That we’re the ones who guide them

They can’t believe that we are there

To praise them or to chide them

I hear the train a-comin’, Rahm

A-rumblin’d down the track

I hear the rails a-hummin’, Rahm

And we ain’t coming back