Payback’s A Bitch

In March 2013 a radical Muslim organization called Seleka took over the Central African Republic and began killing Christians. The problem for Seleka was that the CAR is more Christian than Muslim, and the Christians finally reacted by killing Muslims to such an extent that Muslims are fleeing the country by the millions. And of course the European and American Left are blaming the Christians for the killings, conveniently leaving out the Christian killings by Seleka that started it. The lesson here is that the elephant will endure the ankle bite of the ant until such time as the ant bites become unbearable, and when that time comes the elephant stomps on the ants. Some elephants endure the ant bites longer than other elephants, but in the end the ants always get stomped on. So it was and is with the murderous Muslims of the Central Afican Republic, and so it will be of the murderous Muslims who massacre Christians in Egypt and Libya and Nigeria and elsewhere, believing, as they do, that since the elephant has not as yet stomped on them, the elephant never will. They are mistaken. It may take an Iranian atomic bomb exploding in or over New York City or Paris or London, but it will come. And when it comes, the elephant will without compunction stomp out Muslims near and far, guilty or innocent. Such is the nature of elephants and ants.

The elephant, ungainly beast
Is slow to anger but at least
He knows that just his slightest shrug
Will be enough to stomp that bug

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