Too Much Gloom

There is entirely too much gloom these days. We are not Venezuela, we are not Argentina, we are not the Soviet Union. Venezuela did not collapse, the socialist policies collapsed. The people of Venezuela are still there, the oil is still there, the infrastructure is still there. A sharp dose of economic sanity and all will be well again. The Soviet Union lasted only a mere seventy-four years before collapsing of its own internal contradictions, but Russia is still there. Russia has reverted to authoritarian rule, but Russia has never in its history had a democratic government; authoritarianism is all they know. In the United States the creeping socialism of the past eighty years has run its course, and is now being recognized for the danger it is. The United States will not collapse, but there is every chance it will morph into a two society state, one Western and one Third World. Demography is destiny, and the people who built this country will be a minority in their own land in another thirty years or so unless White women resume having babies. The danger in straight line extrapolation is that something always comes along to bend the straight line. I don’t know what that something will be, but it will happen. As Nostradamus once said,

Look upon the sunny side
And laugh upon the funny side
For things are never dark as they may seem
For sure as the Sun circles Earth*
The plentied times will follow dearth
And children laugh and play while mothers dream

*Nostradamus had never heard of Copernicus.

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