Perception And Reality

Maureen Dowd, in the New York Times, wrote that the oil spill in the Gulf was a disaster…for President Obama. The oil spill had no reality for her beyond its effect on the president and the Democratic party. Dead birds, dead fish, polluted wetlands, out of work fishermen, an economic disaster for the people living along the shore – none of that was reality for Maureen Dowd or for many others of the leftist chattering class. They are so wrapped into the cocktail party lives they lead they cannot comprehend that there are real people affected by real events. To the Maureen Dowd’s of this world there is no reality, only perception.



What is this thing reality?

The young man smiled and said

To me it’s what is like as not

To get me killed real dead

Ah no, said yet another man

What’s false and what is real

Is that which fits the narrative

Of how I ought to feel

You both are wrong, the woman said

For nothing’s really real

And truth is false and false is true

As narratives congeal

An older man, a passerby

Cried out then, quite aloud

Reality is opposite

What’s said by Maureen Dowd



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