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Perception And Reality

Maureen Dowd, in the New York Times, wrote that the oil spill in the Gulf was a disaster…for President Obama. The oil spill had no reality for her beyond its effect on the president and the Democratic party. Dead birds, dead fish, polluted wetlands, out of work fishermen, an economic disaster for the people living along the shore – none of that was reality for Maureen Dowd or for many others of the leftist chattering class. They are so wrapped into the cocktail party lives they lead they cannot comprehend that there are real people affected by real events. To the Maureen Dowd’s of this world there is no reality, only perception.



What is this thing reality?

The young man smiled and said

To me it’s what is like as not

To get me killed real dead

Ah no, said yet another man

What’s false and what is real

Is that which fits the narrative

Of how I ought to feel

You both are wrong, the woman said

For nothing’s really real

And truth is false and false is true

As narratives congeal

An older man, a passerby

Cried out then, quite aloud

Reality is opposite

What’s said by Maureen Dowd



It Isn’t Treason If The Left Does It

Amazingly enough, now that the Democrats are in power, the CIA, the New York Times and the Washington Post all sing a different tune than they sang when the hated and evil George W. Bush was in the White House. Then, listening in on terrorist phone calls from overseas was cause for outrage, but when the Democratic Congress re-authorized the Patriot Act there was not a peep against it. When Obama continued the Bush program of rendition, sending terrorists to their native countries where American sensibilities regarding interrogation methods are looked on with amusement, the left nodded its collective head in agreement even though they were furiously against it when Bush was doing it. Today the CIA no longer routinely leaks sensitive classified material to the New York Times, for they did so in the past only in order to embarrass President Bush, regardless of the harm such leaks might do the country. No, detailing the secret methods used to collect terrorist phone calls was not treason, it was patriotism of the highest order, as was the leaking of an NIE assessment that said that Iran had stopped its attempt to build a nuclear weapon in 2003, an assessment that is clearly now seen to be entirely inaccurate and politically motivated. The lefty patriots at the New York Times and the CIA were only doing God’s work, not that they believe in God, but God’s work nonetheless, trying their best to destroy the duly elected president, the only menace to the United States, the evil BushHitler.     



Treason is as treason does

But when shove comes to push

It’s only treason when and if

You’re on the side of Bush

The New York Times can print it all

The CIA can leak

The Dems in Congress cheer them on

They cry to let them speak

We listen in on terror plots

The papers scream in rage

Iran will never get the bomb

Move on, just turn the page

The Left reports our every act

As murderous and vile

And undermine us every chance

While smiling all the while

If this be treason some would say

They’ve got it down so well

There’s got to be a special place

For them in Lefty hell