Please Don’t Take My Sunstein Away

Barack Obama has appointed old radical red lefty friend Cass Sunstein to the National Security Agency advisory panel to look into the NSA’s eavesdropping activities. Cass Sunstein is a dangerous man, a dyed in the wool Marxist, like the guy in the White House who just appointed him. Sunstein maintains that freedom cannot exist without government, that property rights are dependent on the whole of the community, to be managed by the government, and, most insidiously, that there is no freedom without dependency. When I was in the Boy Scouts several generations ago we sat around the campfire singing You Are My Sunshine.  Barack Obana was recently heard singing the following:

You are my Sunstein, my only Sunstein
They want to nix the NSA
You’re on the panel
And you’re the man’ll
Put the fix in the old Sunstein way
The other night dear as I lay sleeping
I dreamed surveillance now was gone
I woke up shaken
But was mistaken
Waiting for the Sunstein at dawn
We spy on Russians, Chinese and Prussians
We spy on every mom and pop
Just put the fix in
Blame Bush and Nixon
Make it look good but don’t let it stop
You are my Sunstein, my only Sunstein
We’ll keep our citizens at bay
We’ll take their guns and
We’ll be the ones and
They can’t take my Sunstein away

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