As this is written the Powerball payout is over 700 million dollars, and expected to hit a billion dollars by the time the numbers are drawn. The odds of Barack Hussein Obama getting something right are about the same as hitting the Powerball lottery, yet he presses on, undeterred in his quest to destroy us all. I spoke with the president recently and asked what he thought his chances were that all would come right in the end. He looked pensive for a moment, then smiled and said:

My policies are tottery
That’s why I play the lottery
The Powerball of life, says Susan Rice
We know how low the chance is
But that’s where the romance is
And if we hit it big that would be nice
The Brotherhood got nowhere
Beyond that vacant slow stare
That signifies a quite bewildered man
I speak not of myself, no
I’m not yet on the shelf, no
But things look bad in far Afghanistan
The Taliban and ISIS
Have set the world in crisis
With Valerie and I the world to mind
But confident that win it
Bless the Powerball to spin it
And the world will know I lead from my behind

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