The Center For American Progress Meets The IDF

Hamas rains death upon Israeli civilians, Israel responds and the Arabs are outraged at the Israel response, with Egypt threatening all sorts of retaliation. In the meantime, the Center for American Progress, a radical lefty think tank, demands that the US send wheat to a starving Egypt now run by the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. I spoke to a member of the Center for American Progress the other day, and he explained why it is important that we feed hungry Muslim terrorist freedom fighters.


He admitted it’s not all our fault

And said something’s wrong with the gestalt

It’s the Right do you see

And the House GOP

All now wanting to follow John Galt


There are desperate people in lands

Where the Right simply washes its hands

Just because there are guys

Who would cut out our eyes

And who join up with al Qaeda bands


Then of course we must never forget

That enemies are friends not yet met

So let’s get on the side

Of the swift moving tide

It’s the winners on whom we must bet


But for now their economy stinks

Which is why if the USA blinks

And Israelis prevail

They will put all in jail

And no doubt they will blow up the Sphinx


For the world’s sake Israeli must go

They’re the cause of all trouble and so

We must give Egypt wheat

Till they’re back on their feet

Thus allowing their hatred to grow


I then asked him if murdering Jews

Had of late somewhat challenged his views

That he seemed to hold dear

And he said let’s be clear

It’s Israelis who kill that’s not news


As he walked away humming a tune

It was clear that the reckoning’s soon

For it’s thinking like this

Driving toward the abyss

Armageddon is climbing the dune


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