Mark Steyn says financially failing Greece is like a canoe about to go over the falls, while the United States, though in financial difficulty, is far enough upstream to safely pull off to the shore. Instead, he says, Obama, and we, have decided that what we need to do is catch up to the Greek canoe. But be of good cheer. Drink another Dr, Pepper, sing another song. The falls are some distance away, time enough for yet another chorus of that old favorite, Ramona.



Lounging in the stern of the drifting canoe

The words came trilling from the dulcet voice

The ukulele chords rang sweet and true

As toward the falls they drifted quite by choice


Ramona, when day is done you’ll hear my call

Ramona, we’ll meet beside the waterfall

I dread the dawn when I awake and find you gone




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