Red Rice

It is reliably reported that Obama will appoint the current Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, to be Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton. With Obama re-elected, he now can turn to fulfilling his sainted mother’s oft spoken wish, whispered in baby Barry’s tender ear, that the United States in its present form be destroyed and transformed into something wonderful, a land of compassion and fairness, where all may live in peace and harmony, unfettered by partisan rife. The appointment of the fiercely Red Susan Rice is the first step in that transformation, and we shall soon see three hard left Justices of the Supreme Court, and the picture of Mao again proudly displayed on the White House Christmas tree.


There’s brown rice and white rice

And now we have Red Rice

To man the worn tiller at State

Her main predilection

Will be the direction

And left is her outstanding trait

Expect that Obama

Will listen to mama

And work for the country’s demise

With Rice now in charge

The ship sails by and large

With fair winds for the Lefty prize

The White House now Red

In time ‘twill be said

That freedom is now in the past

His hand on the knife

The President for Life

Just laughs and says things never last


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