Sail On O Ship Of State

Barack Obama is a man who has never held a job in the private sector, a Marxist community organizer whose job required that he never take action by himself, but urged others to take action together, and he has carried this philosophy into the White House with him. The result of his policy of inaction, of removing the United States from the affairs of the world in order to advance his goal of destroying the economy and armed forces of the United States, is the chaos that now reigns throughout the world, and will soon spill over onto our shores. Yet all is calm in Washington DC. The press are solidly behind the president, and as far as the Democrats and the press are concerned, the ship of state is on a steady and confident course. So I guess all is well.


Sail on, O noble ship of state

Our commodore, Barack the great

Has set a course for greener fields

While in his sturdy left hand wields

A force of lower power yields

On which he rests our fate

He scorns to take at value’s face

The fact that should his trust misplace

And little folk now have the bomb

He will with smile and cool aplomb

Contend ‘twas worse along the Somme

And exit with some grace

For he will say ‘twas not his fault

He tried with might and main to halt

Iran from nuking Tel Aviv

And even now he can’t believe

That honest Muslims would deceive

And spread his wounds with salt

Ah well, now that the deed is done

And of survivors there are none

And lands lay waste and crops ablaze

And burned out cities in the haze

Obama, in Earth’s final days

Plays golf, he needs some fun