Smoke And Mirrors

Events in Syria appear heading to a point from which no one can say for certain where it will lead. The US Navy has been ordered to the scene, and it may be that Tomahawk missiles will soon be seeking out Syrian targets. But what will Russia do if Obama attacks a Russian client state? What will Iran do? Obama has very cleverly put the United States Army into a landlocked country that has no absolutely no strategic value to the US, and from which it will be very difficult to get out, should the Pakistanis elect to keep us there. Does anyone in the Obama White House know what the hell they’re doing? I spoke to a senior official of the Obama administration the other day, and he told me, on condition of anonymity, that all was going as planned and not to worry, that Obama had things well in hand. He said he knew hundreds of shoulder fired Manpad missiles had gotten into the hands of al Qaeda who would no doubt use them to shoot down a few civilian airliners, but there was solid reasoning why it was allowed to happen. He smiled and said

“I know all this must weary ya
But all is well in Syria
We know that all those manpads left the scene
But that was just a clever move
As more events will surely prove
And in due time you’ll see just what I mean
We’re playing chess here and we’re White
A pawn ahead and playing tight
And win or draw we’ll come out in the end
Much better off than we are now
And while we seem to scrape and bow
Our word’s a bond on which you can depend
We’re fighting world depravity
And thankfully it’s gravity
Will pull them down a peg and then it’s mate
In Egypt Morsi will be back
Our policy will simply tack
And that’s what makes Obama truly great
In Syria the rebels win
But if they don’t we’ll just begin
Another game and quit while we’re ahead
Iran won’t get the bomb unless
They figure out our full court press
And if they do, well only Jews are dead
You see we look at us with pride
There’s competence on every side
And may I say there’s genius here as well
The nuanced game is what we play
We dance and dodge throughout the day
And smoke and mirrors is the stuff we sell.”

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