Totally Bizarre

President Obama, having ordered President Assad of Syria not to cross the Obama imposed red line by gassing his own civilians, is now faced with the prospect of backing up his threat. His allies have abandoned him and he is now alone, without authorization from the US Congress as required by the Constitution, and without allies or UN sanction for cover. Any order he gives to the US military to attack a sovereign country that has done nothing to the United States, an order to carry out what is a personal threat, is entirely illegal. But Obama has shown repeatedly that the Constitution means nothing to him if it interferes with his agenda and personal wishes. He is above the Constitution, and is not bound by the laws that constrained lesser presidents. I spoke to a teenage State Department spokeswoman about the effect the rejection of military action by the British Parliament might have on President Obama’s course of action, and she said

It’s like totally bizarre
That we should have come this far
That the very ones we’ve rescued many times
Would not simply like, um, cave
In a word they should behave
And like join to punish Assad for his crimes
And the Congress makes me mad
And I’m totally so sad
That they seem to think the law must be upheld
Something written long ago
By some white guys we don’t know
It’s like what I said today to Tuesday Weld
She agreed that we must act
And act now despite the fact
There’s no proof that Assad did release the gas
As dear Barack likes to say
When I say someone will pay
Then I must use force if just to save my ass
Yes our president is wise
And it’s much to his surprise
That some people think the law applies to him
Everybody that I know
Says the whole world will eat crow
When he gives the word and lights begin to dim

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