Stomach Pains

I am getting stomach pains. I was for Trump from day one, for all the right reasons; a Democrat victory would mean a super-liberal Supreme Court for the next three generations, the continuation of the catastrophe that is Obama and the Progressive/Marxist agenda, the further loss of liberty to unelected federal regulators and so forth. Trump has tapped into a deep well of anger and bids fair to ride that anger to the presidency, his uncontrolled outbursts excused as an emotional and temporarily delayed changeover from the slugfest of the primaries. But his impulsive outbursts have not stopped, witness the attack on a judge hearing the politically motivated lawsuit against Trump University as not being able to be fair because he is Mexican, when he was born in Indiana to American citizens. Of course it quickly came out that the judge in question had ties to La Raza, the violent anti-American Hispanic organization that waves Mexican flags and burns American flags, and whose agenda is to return the American southwestern States to Mexico, but Trump didn’t say that, and so the liberal firestorm. Yes, `the lawsuit was frivolous and politically motivated, yes the plaintiff withdrew and ordinarily that would have been the end of the lawsuit, but the judge, against all custom, ruled the case be continued, and yes, Trump has a right to be angry, but there is a far larger issue than a frivolous lawsuit against Trump University, and Trump does not seem to be able to see that. Trump does not back down and continues to do what he does,, even when friends like Gingrich tell him not to say things like that, that continuing to do so could cost him the election and the loss forever of the country to the Marxist/Progressives. Trump is who he is, and my stomach pains tell me he is off the rails, and if he doesn’t get back on the rails very quickly the election is lost, and he will have personally seen to it that the country and a very winnable election is lost and gone forever.

Is it too soon to feel despair?
It’s only June my soul to bare
My country’s in for harsh travails
If Trump’s campaign is off the rails
It’s Trump or no one at this point
There’s no one else we can anoint
And changing horses in mid-stream
Is but Bill Kristol’s nightly dream
We can but pray that Trump decides
That sense, decorum be his guides
And concentrate on what is real
The loss of jobs is what folks feel
Incompetence is what folks see
From those in charge who seem to be
Intent on bringing ruin down
On every city, every town
Just stick with these and Trump prevails
For we’re already off the rails
And if the Dems win it is plain
That we will all have stomach pain

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