The Glistening Prize

Some plan their lives from an early age, foreseeing every twist and turn in a chaotic life, more often than not arriving in a place totally unsuited to his or her talents, though perfectly suited to ambition. Such a one is Hillary Clinton, who identified early on the man who would waft her to the heights on his flowing coattails. Every position she gained has been unearned. A United States Senator and then Secretary of State of the United States, with her only qualification being the wife of Bill Clinton. And now she attempts to parlay her unearned rise to the heights by winning the most glistening prize of all, the presidency of the United States, notwithstanding she is entirely unqualified to be president of anything more demanding than that of a small town women’s club. We live in an age where accomplishment counts for nothing and kardashianism counts for all.

She gained the heights that were by rights
Earned fairly by her betters
But she had gained what she attained
By casting off the fetters
That bounded those for whom the throes
Of life-long work had tethered
And with the guy who caught her eye
Her nest was fully feathered
She rose to where the very air
Was thin as her credentials
She takes much pride in her slick ride
Though cursed with low potentials
She loves and dotes on those whose votes
Come from the Dem plantations
Where bondage chains cement the gains
Brought forth by incantations
By salesman Bill who sells old Hill
To all the hicks who’ll listen
That old and fat does not mean that
When rubbed she does not glisten

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