The Dream Will Never Die

The Left cares not for results, it cares only for power. What does it care that everywhere they govern, everything it touches, produces idleness and despair, poverty instead of wealth. Wealth is not the end product. Power and control is the end product. The Obama administration, having taken the country far down the socialist road, now is trying to foist their failed Obamacare off on the states, thereby enlisting the states in the process of destroying the country. Deviating socialism down by handing off the rotting garbage to the states is just another way of enabling the Left to control the healthcare industry by regulating what the states can and cannot do while pretending to stand aside. The American Left has always been with us but were fringe players until they captured the Democratic Party in the 70s, no doubt much to their surprise. History will look back and see that the success of the Nixon southern strategy, to turn the Democratic South into the Republican South resulted in a gaping conservative void in the Democratic Party, a void filled by sixties radicals who suddenly found themselves with actual political power, and it will be a long time removing them. Obamacare is here to stay, though not necessarily in its current form, for once something is given it is difficult to take it away. The Left is content to accept the occasional setback because they know the setbacks are temporary, they know they will prevail in the end, and they accept the possibility that they will rule over a catastrophe, but it is the ruling, not the catastrophe, that matters.

The human herd so slowly moves
Directionless it seems
But move it does and always proves
To be in time with dreams
Be it the dreams of angry men
Who wish to change the course
The herd will take but only when
He strides his snow white horse
But others dream large dreams as well
They talk of paradise
On Earth and slyly weave a spell
And thereby gain the prize
The herd reacts not to the dream
But to the dreamer’s lie
And though the end’s an anguished scream
The dream will never die


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