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The Left always eats its young. Mao killed off the Red Guards when they were no longer useful to him and he perceived them to be a potential danger. The current European Left is using the young anarchists in Britain, Greece, Spain and elsewhere to cause panic and disruption with bombings, for the Left cannot accept the fact that the Leftist nostrums have failed, as they have always failed, and that more discipline is necessary to protect and advance the dream of Socialism with a capital S. At some point European Leftist governments will realize that intimidation has not worked, or that it has worked and succeeded in keeping them in power. Either way, the young anarchists, the bomb throwers, will no longer be useful, and they will be given up. But at least, in civilized Europe, they will not be shot. At least they won’t be shot if the intimidation fails; if it succeeds in keeping the Left in power, and in increasing that power, then the young anarchists will have done their job, and will be considered dangerous to the powers they put in place, and if that power is authoritarian, as with Hitler or Mussolini or any number of other Leftist despots, in that case they will be shot.



Thus Moloch spake, with tear-dimmed eyes

My children, sing your fond goodbyes

For come to you this last surprise

Your work is truly done

I cannot speak without a tear

For long have I held you quite near

But now it is goodbye, I fear

We thank you, every one

Your deaths will show your pride and grace

And knowing that in history’s place

The walls of time will hold your face

And now, here is the gun

Goodbye dear friends, I love you so

It pains me that it’s time to go

A greater good has laid you low

Farewell, and it’s been fun


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