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Cupboard Doors

President Obama has thrown open the doors to the Treasury to benefit unions, bankers and other assorted Democrat constituencies, saddling the country and its taxpayers with trillions of dollars of debt far into the future. And he is not done yet. If he is successful in destroying the finest health care system the world has ever seen the cost will be catastrophic, both in terms of money and in reduced health care. If he is successful in destroying the economy of the United States with a punitive carbon tax, the cost in jobs and standard of living will be irreversible. The looting of the Treasury continues apace, and soon the cupboard will be bare.



The cupboard doors

Had stood for scores

Of generations firm

Against the guys

Whose many tries

To open in their term

Who tried their worst

The doors to burst

The treasury to loot

And give the gold

To friends of old

And new found friends to boot

The cupboard doors

Withstood the whores

Who tried with might and main

To strip the land

To grease the hand

Of those with much to gain

Withstood them all

Until that Fall

When into town there strode

A man in black

Who did not lack

The cupboard’s very code

He opened wide

Just for his side

The cupboard and its sums

And gave away

What we all pay

In taxes to his chums

The unions got

From him a lot

Of power, votes and cash

And bankers cried

And tried to hide

Their bonus money bash

With trillions yet

To come in debt

Obama was not done

He pledged much more

From our small store

To fight the warming sun

Yet finding work

To him’s a quirk

No jobs? He doesn’t care

He’s not to blame

That’s not his game

Besides, the cupboard’s bare