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Wir Fahren Gegen Engelland

When the German battleship Bismarck sailed into the North Atlantic in May 1941, her sailors sang Wir Fahren Gegen Engelland (We Sail Against England). Little did they know it was to be a death cruise for most of them, for the British found the Bismarck and sank her. Are we, the United States, like the Bismarck, sailing on a death cruise? Are the Obama administration’s economic and foreign policies driving us to a watery grave? Are we well on the way to what the radical left so fiercely desires, a toothless, bankrupt and humiliated America?



Wir fahren gegen Engelland!

The Bismarck’s crew did sing

Wir fahren gegen Everyman!

Obama’s cry doth ring

Everyone except of course

The unions large and small

As well as every other source

The Democrats can call

Their friends and allies who will give

Their votes and labor to

The rest of us will get the shiv

Thrust home by you know who

The North Koreans build their nukes

And threaten one and all

Say CIA and other spooks

We’re heading for a fall

The State Department shakes its head

And issues reprimands

But by and large when all is said

We’re sitting on our hands

Obama now owns all the stock

In Chrysler and GM

His health care plan’s a laughingstock

Except to us and them

We’ll soon be France or Sweden

If Obama has his way

‘Cause there’s no one here impedin’

His fierce drive to make us pay

For all the sins committed

By the US over time

There’s no excuse permitted

We must pay for every crime 

With fahren gegen Engelland

Still ringing in our ears

We watch Obama’s fascist hand

And swallow down our fears