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Rule 303

In Breaker Morant, Morant and Handcock are court-martialed for executing captured Boer prisoners they believed had tortured, mutilated and killed Captain Hunt, their commanding officer. At the trial, Morant was asked by what authority he killed the captured Boers, and he said, “By Rule 303,” referring to the .303 caliber of the Enfield rifle carried by the British soldiers. Rule 303 means, quite simply, he who has the guns, rules. The decision by Attorney General Eric Holder, the man who set free Puerto Rican terrorists who killed innocent Americans in a New York Central Park restaurant, to Mirandize the Christmas Day bomber who tried, but failed, to bring down an American airliner with over 300 people on board, killing them and possibly hundreds more on the ground, and try him in a civilian court with all the rights of an American citizen, has stated quite forcefully that the United States will not rule by 303, but will put the lives and safety of our citizens at risk for left wing ideological reasons. There was a time the West understood the best way to civilize those who would kill us was with a Belgian made Krag rifle.  



We need to go by wartime rules

Like rule point three oh three

The Taliban bomb children’s schools

They say girls can’t be free

Al Qaeda kills us just for fun

On camera hacked off heads

But we can’t kill them, not a one

We hand them off to Feds

Who give them lawyers who then tell

Their clients not to talk

They’ll plea with stuff they have to sell

In hopes that they will walk

Is this a way to win a war?

Oh right, it’s just a crime

And if we catch one it’s for sure

He’ll wind up doing time

Of course these days we’d surely gag

At thinking the idée

Of civilizing with a Krag

Or rule by 303