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Watch Your Steppe

Ten years ago the Global Warming scam would have succeeded, because there was no way ordinary people could get past the media gatekeepers to question the received wisdom. But now there is. Ordinary people have no need of the media, they have the Internet, which some have described as akin to the Golden Horde of Genghis Khan, irresistible, flowing over the steppes like the rolling sea, carrying all before it. The first to feel the wrath of Khan was Dan Rather, who, you may remember, waved a stack of fake documents at the camera a few days before the 2004 presidential election, serene in the knowledge that no one could find him out in time to prevent the defeat of a sitting president, the hated George W. Bush. But there were some guys who knew a few things about fonts and such and soon the Internet pronounced the documents fakes. Abraham Lincoln famously said, You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Abe was right, but that was before the Internet. Today you can’t fool anybody for long.   



The Lefties now must watch their steppe

As hordes of geeks and nerds

Full of vim and full of pep

Drive their pony herds

At full speed toward the EU types

Who yearn to fence us in

By using frauds and scams and hypes

To quell the rising din

The horsetail banner rides again

We’ve taken up the sword

The Internet has raised up men

A newborn Golden Horde



We’d Rather Not

The Aspen Daily News Online reports that Dan Rather wants the president to appoint a commission to rescue the struggling profession of journalism, arguing that the very survival of American democracy is at stake. Dan Rather is not the only reason the MSM is struggling, but he sure helped push it over the cliff.



In days of old when journalists were bold

And readers were not particular

We got the facts and some attacks

Both flat and perpendicular

When Murrow spoke we did not choke

And wonder who had paid him

We knew it was the truth becuz

The living God had made him

The New York Times for just two dimes

Produced a Sunday paper

That told when bought what whole world thought

As well as latest caper

But Cronkite’s tears while stoking fears

And tearing down the pillars

Led other guys to claim GIs

Were hulking, brutal killers

This turned the tide of the free ride

Once owned by comp’ny presses

And made us wince and ever since

We’ve seen beneath their dresses

They’re in the tank and they can thank

Their plight on one another

As readers flee their company

And now they cry for mother

To give them aid for which they’ve paid

The Dems in largest measure

They cry the first amendment’s thirst

For justice is their treasure

So we don’t need the Prez to feed

Their cries for a commission

I say they should be gone for good

Consigned to hell’s perdition