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A Noxious Vapor

Roman Polanski, the celebrated movie director, has been arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, on a long outstanding warrant. It seems that after pleading guilty in an American court to having sex with a thirteen year old girl, he fled the country, and has been living in Europe these past decades, safe among his fellow artists and elites. Those artists and elites are now outraged that a man of genius should be arrested, treated like a common criminal. The elite do not believe they should be treated like the rest of us, for they are by definition better than us, and therefore the laws that apply to their inferiors do not apply to them. 



If I am equal to you

And you are equal to me

Then equal are we two

But what of number three?

Is he equal as well

Is he as good as we

Not so’s I can tell

He’s not as good as thee

Look how he holds his spoon

See how he combs his hair

He rises before noon

He lives beneath the stair

I’m all for natural law

Believe in right of kings

Red in tooth and claw

Believe in kissing rings

Equality’s a sham

A noxious vapor view

I know just who I am

Broadcast not pay for view

My genius radiates

From every pore on cue

My aura clearly states

That I’m better than you