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Under The Waves

The Obama administration has piled debt upon debt, stimulus upon stimulus, billions of dollars to cronies, with the result the country is about to drown beneath the waves of debt and incompetence. The European Union is about to go bust, and Pakistan is actively killing our guys with no fear of Obama consequences. Over The Waves was a very popular waltz of a world long gone. The music remains, but the words are new, as we are now Under The Waves.



When Euro you love

It’s the longest dark night of the year

Stars twinkle above

They’re about to go out never fear

Words fall into rhyme

As your holdings so quick disappear

When Euro you love

It’s the longest dark night of the year


Rolling along in the breeze

From a Paki bomb embassy blast

Paki is smiling ‘cause he’s

Got our money and spending it fast

A knife in our back

Paki smiles as he knows it will last

Rolling along with the breeze

From a Paki bomb embassy blast


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The Reckoning

The reckoning is here for the European Union and the Euro. Too much socialism, too many people working lazy hours for exorbitant pay, too many vacation days, too much regulation, too few entrepreneurs, too many bureaucrats, too many lefty politicians promising the sun and moon, all hastening the coming of the asteroid that will one day hit and wipe out all lefty life.



Egads here comes the reckoning

The bony finger beckoning

And laughing what-the-heckoning

While driving a black hearse

The prospect far too sickening

The grinning clock is tickening

Resistance now is thickening

And things are getting worse

Economies are stuttering

The cringing public muttering

Politicos are puttering

And reach for Deutschland’s purse

And down will come the EU dream

Not with a sigh but with a scream

The shining light now but a gleam

Death socialism’s curse



The Cretaceous

Is the euro a dinosaur? Will the asteroid miss the Yucatan and hit Brussels? The Eurozone bids fair to be a thing of the past in twelve months or less, as German taxpayers grow very weary of bailing out a debt-ridden and profligate Europe that has always acted as if they could spend and borrow and grow their debt in any manner they pleased, secure in the knowledge that Germany and the United States, in the person of the International Monetary Fund, would come to the rescue and permit them to continue to live will beyond their means and at the expense of others who actually work. The Euro, as a common European currency, has been a dismal failure. The question is, what happens to the European Union, designed to protect Europe from Germany? That too has been a failure, for Germany has finally won the war, after all these years.



My heavens, goodness gracious

If it isn’t the Cretaceous

Large animals are roaming everywhere

They look like thunder lizards

Golden euros fill their gizzards

And they trample everyone without a care

But look now, see, they’re dying

And it’s not for lack of trying

To stay solvent and upright and in command

But their days they are now numbered

With their balance sheets encumbered

And soon from streams their fossils will be panned

But wither goes the EU

When the euro says I’ll see you

As it will when Germans rise and say no more

We’ll be back to nineteen thirty

And we’ll all get down and dirty

When the German army marches off to war