The Reckoning

The reckoning is here for the European Union and the Euro. Too much socialism, too many people working lazy hours for exorbitant pay, too many vacation days, too much regulation, too few entrepreneurs, too many bureaucrats, too many lefty politicians promising the sun and moon, all hastening the coming of the asteroid that will one day hit and wipe out all lefty life.



Egads here comes the reckoning

The bony finger beckoning

And laughing what-the-heckoning

While driving a black hearse

The prospect far too sickening

The grinning clock is tickening

Resistance now is thickening

And things are getting worse

Economies are stuttering

The cringing public muttering

Politicos are puttering

And reach for Deutschland’s purse

And down will come the EU dream

Not with a sigh but with a scream

The shining light now but a gleam

Death socialism’s curse



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