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Frankie And Johnny

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were and are the children of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. And a gravy train for Democrat apparatchiks, who gave themselves million dollar bonuses and taxpayer paid vacations in all the world’s exotic places. The principal function of Fannie and Freddie was to provide government backing to mortgages issued to people who could not possibly pay the mortgage, under the guise that by doing so would turn those people into middle class folks and thus solve the problems of the inner city ghettos while ensuring those people remained solid Democrat votes. And when the mortgages did not get paid, and the government backed mortgages defaulted, the financial crisis of 2008 was upon us. To the tune of that old standard Frankie and Johnny, new lyrics.



Fannie and Freddie were sweethearts

Lordy how they loved cash

Swore to be true to each other

Dems they loved but Republicans trash

Frank was their man, but they done him wrong

Now Frank went down to the corner

To get a bucket of votes

He said to the gay bartender

Man I got em by the throats

They were his friends, but they done him wrong

Well I don’t want to cause you no trouble

Said the barkeep, when shove comes to push

I seen Fan and Freddie bout an hour ago

And they was strollin’ ‘long with Georgie Bush

You were their man, but they be doin’ you wrong

Then Frank went home in a hurry

He didn’t go there for fun

He hurried home to get a hold

Of his boyfriend’s shootin’ gun

He was their man, and they done him wrong

Well that was the end of the story

Fan and Freddie continued Frank’s way

Continued to bust out the country

Giving loans to those who couldn’t pay

He was their man, and he done us wrong



Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Barney Frank declares the housing bubble was not the same as the tulip bubble of centuries ago, because houses have value and tulips do not. If anyone knows how to tiptoe through the tulips, it’s Bahney Fwank.



When Bahney Fwank sees tulips bloom

His tiny tippy toes

Just glide along with awesome grace

I know, he’s one of those

He does the same with Freddie Mac

As well as Fannie Mae

With subprime deals for favored folks

The rest of us must pay

He’s generous as to a fault

He dances through this life

The question though is Fannie Mae

Or Freddie Mac his wife



Minnie The Mermaid

An underwater homeowner is defined as someone whose mortgage exceeds the value of his house. The Federal government is now gearing up to bailout these underwater homeowners by allowing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to refinance those under threat of foreclosure. These types of sub-prime loans were a large part of the housing and subsequent financial collapse in the first place, and Obama’s answer to fixing the sub-prime problem is to write more sub-prime loans to people who cannot repay them, or they wouldn’t be facing foreclosure in the first place. This strategy will work if the housing market suddenly and unexpectedly enters another inflationary bubble, which is not only unlikely but highly undesirable. On top of that, Fannie and Freddie are already deeply in debt, Freddie having already gotten 50.7 billion dollars from the Federal Treasury, and Fannie 30.4 billion. Of course we know this isn’t about underwater homeowners at all, but keeping Fannie and Freddie afloat so they can be looted by Democrat operatives like Raines and Gorelick, who voted themselves millions of dollars in bonuses based on falsified profit statements before the big collapse.



My home is my castle, we heard the man say

So what if the mortgage is due

Obama’s my man, he say not have to pay

My mortgage is paid off by you

With Fannie and Freddie behind me I’m set

To live here as long as I want

With Dems now in power I’ll take what I get

And if the bank takes it I’ll punt

Is this a great country, I’ll say that it is

When people like me without jobs

Can buy a new house with some dough that aint his

And live there like middle class slobs

And anyone questioning what’s going on

Is seen as a GOP tool

Although to be honest they’re wise to the con

It’s just that they want to be cool

They think that it’s awful that people like me

Who cannot afford to pay rent

Are denied owning houses as good as Spike Lee

Even though I don’t own a red cent