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Dear Diary

YouTube has a lot of very funny Hitler take-offs, and while funny, make no pretense of being true, nor is it expected that anyone would think they were true. Verse-afire, however, is pleased to reproduce a true account of a Hitler interview with Josef Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister, deep in the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin as the Russians closed in. The following is an excerpt from the Hitler diaries, May 1945, discovered by Verse-afire at a yard sale.



How did it come to this, my friend?

We had our fun though, did we not?

The country that we had to mend

The Reds and homos we had shot

Remember how we crushed poor France

Across the Meuse and to the sea

And then the Eiffel Tower dance?

Such fun, such joy to laugh and see

And Stalin, he was so afraid

He trembled at the thought that I

Would send my panzers to invade

That filthy land, that great pig sty

The English too, were on the ropes

My U-boats sank their ships at will

‘Til they were down to prayers and hopes

Just sitting waiting for the kill

Ah, Josef, where did we go wrong?

How did we let them off the hook?

This war has gone on much too long

The maps, I’m too afraid to look

Surrounded, Josef, east and west

By Yanks and Brits and Commies too

By God, I did my very best

It’s time we just said toodle-oo



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