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Cooling Towers

In his suck-up to the Muslim world Thursday, President Obama stated Iran was entitled to generate electricity through nuclear power. But he knows and we know the Iranian nuclear program has nothing to do with generating electrical power, but with generating military power, namely the power to destroy Israel, an eventuality President Obama is apparently comfortable with. When Ahmadinejad smiles and says they are only building cooling towers, the cooling towers he has in mind are the burnt out skyscrapers of Tel-Aviv. Yet it is Israel President Obama is putting pressure on, not Iran. When the Iranian mullahs get that nuke, when they obliterate Israel, when another six million Jews die in a second holocaust, President Obama will have some reflecting to do, reflecting that may go something like this:



Iran has nukes, what’s that you say?

I really can’t believe that they

Would do a thing like that behind our backs

I’ve trusted them to tell the truth

About their nuclear plans, forsooth

And for my pains took lots of dirty cracks

From awful people on the right

Who seem to think it’s time to fight

The peaceful mullahs and their lawful plans

To generate some AC power

By building a nice cooling tower

And sending juice out to the desert clans

I see no harm in such a scheme

I say let them fulfill their dream

Of climbing to the modern world with us

I am aware what they’ve been saying

That soon Israelis will be paying

For all the times they’ve hit us with the bus

But when friend Ahmadinejad

Promised I his word had had

I knew my charm and smile had won the day

So what if Haifa is no more

And Tel Aviv a burning sore

The important thing is peace is on the way