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The Italian government has announced it will not participate in the war against Libya beyond letting the UN use its airfields. And that leaves the British and the French wondering why the Americans, who started it all, are not there. The only ones with any sense in this senseless war are the Italians.



There is no reason to believe

Obamaman meant to deceive

When he said he had power and to spare

For anything the UN wants

And you would have to be a dunce

To think that he most surely did not care

For children threatened by the Duck

Or older folks down on their luck

A crisis looms is what he starkly said

A tragedy upon us now

He said with worried furrowed brow

A tiny tear, a wan shake of the head

Obamaman, Anointed One

Then walked away, his duty done

And said to NATO it’s your baby now

The French and British tried and failed

And as the ghost ship up and sailed

Italians lined the dock and shouted “Ciao!”


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